An Bang - untouched beach near Hoi An

Created 24 April 2017
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Around three kilometers from Hoi An ancient town, An Bang beach is still in its primitive state. Clean water, yellow sand, a pure atmosphere and daily chores of local fishermen make the beach area unique.

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An Bang beach has been voted amongst the top 50 beautiful beaches of the world by the travel website of CNNGo. The beach, with its soft white sand, long seaside, and gentle waves is popular among both the locals and tourists who are looking for a place of entertainment and relaxing. 

The beach is in Cam An ward, which is 3km to the east of Hoi An. It is 4km long with wild nature landscape and pure air with diversified flora. Tourists can hire a bicycle from a number of shops in Old Town and take the picturesque cycle through the rice paddy fields, past the wading buffalos, and out to the coast.

While the ancient town of Hoi An is peaceful, its beach is vibrant. The most attractive thing to visitors is the wild beauty of white smooth sand bank with green trees along the beach. 

The sea water is pure and blue. Visitors can see the small fish swimming under or even catch the crab yourself. The wave is also peaceful and has a smooth and elegant feeling.

Unlike other beautiful beaches which are always crowded with people, An Bang beach is peaceful. Stretching around four kilometers, the place perfectly suits those loving nature and wanting to shy away from crowds.

Coming to An Bang, visitors can find several bamboo basket boats on the beach. This type of boat is still used as a major means for fishing in the waters near the shore. Along the stone embankment at the beach are fresh seafood stalls where hungry souls can stop by.

Some simple services together with homestay for tourists are being developed. Despite welcoming tourists, An Bang Beach is still famous for its pristine beauty. 

The 4km long beach is known for its soft sand and gentle waves. Not as bustling as Cua Dai Beach, tourists can comfortably lie on the beach and read their favorite books, take the sun, and enjoy delicious dishes as well as watch the green Cham Islands offshore. They can also lie comfortably lie on the beach below the shade of coconuts all day.

On the way to An Bang beach, tourists pass a fishing village, which is several kilometers from the city but exotic and tranquil. Certain investors have shown interest in developing An Bang beach area into a hideaway, with several resorts and hotels having sprung up. A road from downtown Hoi An City to the beach has been connected to Tra Que Vegetable Village in Cam Ha Commune, where visitors can see farmers in action.

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Source: SGT/VNN

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